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작성  2007-03-16 15:13:17   추천: 91   조회: 13940
제목  Re: ABC 업로드 컴퍼넌트
이름(ID)  지우 (ziwoo)
ABC업로드 컴포넌트가 가진 객체, 메서드, 속성은 다음과 같다.

XFORM객체는 multipart format 엔코딩에서 Request.Form을 대신한다.
This object is an upload capable replacement for the standard Microsoft
Request.Form object. It handles forms encoded in multipart format as
defined in RFC 1867.

Method Description
Read Read in raw uploaded data from a file.
Save Save the raw uploaded data.
SetUser Impersonate a different user.

Property Default Description
Item Yes A set of fields referenced by name or number.
Count No The number of field sets available.
ID No The form unique ID.
AbsolutePath No Whether to use absolute or virtual paths.
Overwrite No Whether to overwrite existing files.
MaxUploadSize No The maximum size of uploads to allow.
User No The current identity being used by ABCUpload.
Domain No The domain which the user belongs to.
CodePage No The character set codepage to use.
Multipart No Whether multipart data was submitted.
Streams No Whether to use NTFS streams.


HTML FORM전송을 통해 업로드된 파일 속성을 알 수 있고, 저장할 수 있다.
This object represents the data uploaded within a particular HTML form field.
It allows you to examine the data (e.g. to determine if a file was uploaded)
and perform operations on it (e.g. save the data to disk).

Method Description
Save Allows you to save the contents of a field. * 저장하는 메서드

Property Default Description
Name No The name of the HTML field.
Content Yes The content of the field as a string.
Length No The size of the data held in the field. * 파일사이즈
FileExists No If a file was uploaded. * 업로드되었는지
FileName No The URL safe uploaded filename.
FileType No The inferred file name extension of the file.
MIMEType No The MIME type of the uploaded file. * 마임타입
MacBinary No If the file was encoded as MacBinary.
SafeFileName No The Windows safe filename.
RawFileName No The uploaded filename. * 파일이름 구하기
RawFileType No The file name extension of the file.
RawFilePath No The uploaded filepath.
Data No The data within the uploaded file.
Resource No The resource data within the uploaded file.
RawData No The raw uploaded file data.
RawLength No The raw uploaded file length.
ImageType No The type of image file uploaded.* 이미지파일종류
ImageWidth No The width of image file uploaded.* 이미지 넓이
ImageHeight No The height of image file uploaded.* 이미지 높이
덧글 (2)
지우( 2007-10-08 17:44:12
DEXT 업로드와 비교.

    'ABC업로드 / DEXT 업로드
    '파일크기 : .length / .FileLen
    '파일이름 : .safefilename / .FileName
    '실제파일 : UploadForm("file_up_"&f)(1) / UploadForm("file_up_"&f)

    ' ABC 업로드 컴퍼넌트
    Set UploadForm = server.createobject("ABCupload4.Xform")
    UploadForm.MaxuploadSize = Result("file_quota") *1024 *1024
    UploadForm.absolutepath = true
    UploadForm.overwrite = true

    ' DEXT 업로드 컴퍼넌트
    Set uploadform = Server.CreateObject("DEXT.FileUpload")   
    uploadform.MaxFileLen = Result("file_quota") *1024 *1024
    uploadform.DefaultPath = "c:\temp"
지우(ziwoo) 2008-01-19 01:08:46
CodePage 속성이 있지만
UploadForm.CodePage = 936 해도 중국어 깨집니다.
일본어도 마찬가지 입니다.
인터넷 검색에서 된다는 말도 있지만.. 안됩니다.
현재 중국어 일어 사이트 개발할때는 DEXT_UPLOAD 로 해야만 글자 안깨집니다.

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